Rumi is a 13th century spiritual master who's poetry is inspiring and powerful, with a mysterious appeal that still resonates today. His words seem to hint at something more hidden about the world that science is only just beginning to uncover.

It's now widely accepted that our minds have a much greater influence on our world than we once thought. The benefits of meditation and positive thinking have been well documented in recent years. Some believe that luck, coincidences, and synchronicities are also effects of our minds.

When you read Rumi's poems through this lens, it makes you wonder if he knew all those centuries ago what we're only just discovering today. His poetry is full of wisdom that seems to come from a deep understanding of the human experience.


The Rumi bracelets are made with three stone choices that have traditional significance: Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, and Obsidian. 

They come in a box with a collection of some of Rumi's best quotes, and each bracelet features a whirling Rumi either from the side or from above. Rumi's whirling was part of a meditative dance that he was known for.

These bracelets are daily reminders of his inspiring poetry and make for great conversation starters. They're perfect for anyone who wants to feel connected to the mysticism and magic of Rumi.