Black Mixed History

Black Mixed History

In a time considered as ‘The Golden Age of the Samurai Warrior’, there were many remarkable characters. Even among them, Honda Tadakatsu was a legend in his own lifetime.

In the late 16th century, Japan was in constant conflict amongst the different shogunates (lordships). But by 1603 Tokugawa Ieyasu had managed to unify all 300 shogunates of Japan and started what is known as the 250-year stable and peaceful, Edo Period. 

This would not have been possible without - Honda Tadakatsu. It was said there were two great swords in Japan, “Tachibana Muneshiga in the West and Honda Tadakatsu in the East”. This General, synonymous with the color black, fought in over 100 battles in his lifetime and never sustained any significant injuries.

Inspired by the success, fearlessness and prestige of this all black Samurai we created our Black Mixed bracelet.

As each of these black stones is found in Japan, this creation is the perfect reminder of the General Honda Tadakatsu's legacy.

Success, Fearlessness and Prestige
As such a distinguished fighter you would assume Tadakatsu wouldn’t want to stand out too much on the battlefield. Not only was he a commander, but he was also a talisman for his other Samurai. His loss would have been devastating.

However, Tadakatsu was fearless and wanted his presence known. After the Battle of Okehazama, Tadakatsu needed to get his lord, Ieyasu, safely back to the castle. Unfortunately, the river was in flood, with no way to cross, until he saw a stag take a route through the shallow water. From this moment Tadakatsu saw the stag as a lucky omen and a protectorate to his leader.

After this fateful battle, Tadakatsu designed what would become his immortal memory. He commissioned the most striking and fearsome armor of any Samurai warrior.

His armor of shiny black iron plating was held together by fine black lacing, while underneath he wore all black undergarments. It was lightweight so he could efficiently fight in battle. But, his helmet is what will define him for eternity. To remember his encounter with the stag and show his superiority on the battlefield, he had mighty black deer antlers built into his helmet.

Tadakatsu also adorned himself with thick Buddhist prayer beads to remember those fallen in battle. He also had a jet black horse, Mikuniguro, and his legendary spear, ‘Tonbogiri’, known as one of the ‘Three Great Spears of Japan’.

To have the success, fearlessness and prestige of one of the greatest Samurais. We give you our Black Mixed bracelet.

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