Labradorite History

One day an Inuit warrior set out to find the Northern Lights which had disappeared from the sky. He walked for miles and miles until he came across some rocks on the shoreline of Labrador (Northern Canada). Entombed in these rocks he saw the magical dancing lights of the Northern Lights, so he cracked open the rock with a spear to release them. The lights climbed back into the sky, but unfortunately some stayed captured. These rocks with rays of the Northern Lights can now be seen in Aurum Brother's Labradorite gemstones.

Our latest stone had great mythical significance for Inuit tribes. That’s because some Inuit believed that the dancing lights of the Northern Lights are actually the dancing lights of their ancestors. They march and dance to remind the living people of their presence. Labradorite its striking colors and connection to the Northern Lights mean it has long been a treasured gemstone. And, we have some grade A quality beads available in limited numbers!

Inuit tribes have long lived in one of the most harsh conditions on earth. They were completely reliable on nature, which wasn’t soft on them with it’s freezing temperatures, darkness and isolation. They needed to be strong, forceful and smart warriors in order to survive these conditions and use nature in their advantage. The legends and myths the Inuit tribes told from generation to generation were talismans throughout their lives. They believed everything in life had a spirit and that after dead they would go to an afterlife. That’s why finding the lost Northern Lights was so important to these tribes.

Labradorite, or ‘Fire Rock’ as some Inuit tribes called it, is said to have many supernatural properties. The Inuit used powdered Labradorite as a potent remedy to cure sickness and a multitude of ailments. It gave someone new life, and increased energy, drawn from the ancestral spirits inside.

It was also seen as an excellent protective amulet and helped ease anxiety. This is because the wearer knew that they had the guardianship of their ancestors with them, causing less worry on a long and gruelling Arctic hunt.

The Inuit have great belief in their ancestor's spirits, and many believe they dance within the Northern Lights.

At Aurum Brothers, we see our Labradorite wristwear as not only unique and stunning but attached with it a strong connection to ancient Inuit beliefs. If the Inuits are to be believed, Labradorite will give the Modern Warrior the guardianship of your ancestors, renewed vigour in your daily life and help relieve you of your anxieties.

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