2021 Trends

2021 Men's Beaded Bracelet Trends

2021 Men’s Beaded Bracelet trends

After a difficult year due to covid-19, we are confident that 2021 will be a better year again. We can go outside more, the offices will be more crowded, so enough reason to leave the sweatpants in the closet and put on your best outfit. With every outfit there are natural accessories and since we have years of experience in natural stone bracelets for men, we are happy to share our expertise and the trend of 2021.

Nowadays almost every man wears a bracelet, so the question is no longer "Should I wear a bracelet?" or “Can men wear bracelets? ”but "Which bracelets go well with this watch or outfit?" and "How many should I get?". We wrote a list for you to give an update on the latest bracelets for men trends.


'Colors speak louder than words'

A lot has changed in the past 5 years. Where we saw at the beginning that men often opted for a safe color bracelet such as black and dark blue, the choice started to get more and more color in recent years. From yellow to purple, and from light blue to green, it is all possible in 2021. The cheerful colors are topics of conversation, they stand out and give a positive and playful look to any outfit. Expect a lot of compliments from friends, family, colleagues, or perhaps that nice lady with whom you will soon have a cup of coffee. 'Dress to impress' has never been more accurate.


Unique designs

Not only the color was that made a change, but also how the bracelet was put together. There is more demand for variety such as more silver through the bracelet, other stone shapes, glass-blown beads, and much more. A specialty of Aurum Brothers is that we come up with new designs every week to give everyone the opportunity to wear a unique bracelet. Sign up for the newsletter to always be aware of these releases.

More than just a bracelet
Ancient cultures have been using our stones to strengthen their most heroic men. To give warriors courage and power. And to gain balance and purpose in life.

Almost every stone carries a rich history, from mighty warriors like Greeks and Romans to the origin story of the stones. Nowadays, if someone asks about your bracelet, you want to be able to tell more than just about the color of the stones. 

Take Obsidian as an example, Obsidian stones form when molten rock from inside a volcano cools down after an eruption.
Among the oldest stones used for jewelry, Obsidian has also been used by the Mayans. They believed that these deep black stones absorb all negativity around you, protect you from negative energy, and allow you to focus on your goals more easily.


Or for example Lapis Lazuli, a well-known stone with a beautiful history. 
Lapis was one of the most precious materials in Egyptian culture, even more precious than gold. It reveals the inner truth and promotes taking the lead with authenticity.
Pharaohs had an eye carved from Lapis to symbolize the Truth and good judgment when ruling their vast kingdoms and their garments were often dyed with Lapis to indicate their status as God themselves.


And finally the Black Mixed bracelet from Aurum Brothers, inspired by the success, fearlessness, and prestige of a legendary Samurai. Samurai General Honda Tadakatsu, synonymous with the color black, fought in over 100 battles in his lifetime and never sustained any significant injuries. He was quickly recognized by his all-black armor, containing shiny black iron plating held together by excellent black lacing, while underneath he wore all matte black undergarments.


This is also what we see men showing off, the passion with which these stories are told to honor the ancient warriors and to carry the power of the stone into their daily lives.

Looking for your first bracelet?

Don't worry, if you are here because you want to wear a bracelet for the first time, it is of course also not a problem to start with a safer choice as well, an entry-level model. These are and remain timeless, a black, round bracelet will never go wrong and will match well with any outfit. It is also ideal when you start with a safe bracelet, you can combine it endlessly!

The Aurum Brothers community consists of men who long for success, ambition, strength, and motivation. Check out how they wear their bracelets and get inspired.

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