Abacus Matte Iolite - Dark Hematite, 6mm, Silver bracelet

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Matte Iolite beads with a size of 6 millimeters, combined with 6 millimetres Dark Hematite discs and one 925 Sterling Silver logo bead. Comes with a linen pouch.

(Due to the special characteristics of natural stone, size and color of the beads can slightly vary.)

It is believed by some historians that Iolite was the gemstone used by ancient Vikings, to help them navigate the oceans. Iolite has a particular optical property called Pleochroism, which changes the color of the stone depending on which angle light enters it. What made it especially useful to the Vikings was Iolite's sensitivity, it picks up light from the sun even on cloudy days.

On cloudy days where the Vikings couldn't use the sun for navigation, an iolite crystal was set in a frame of wood close to the ship's navigator, as soon as the boat veered off-course light would enter the stone at a different angle, displaying a different hue.

A tiny crystal at the base of Viking dominance
The success of the Vikings was attributed to their technologically superior ships and seafaring skills. Using their longships, they would travel vast distances until they found a coastal town where they had a tactical advantage, after which they would strike swiftly and brutally. The effectiveness of this tactic gave the Vikings their reputation as fearsome raiders and pirates, allowing them to continue raiding Europe for over two hundred years.

Recent discoveries convinced some archaeologists that aboard each Viking ship was a little iolite crystal, which enabled them to out-navigate every other nation at that time.

Everything we do, the custom sizing and the careful production process, is for the moment you receive your jewelry. So that there is no doubt in your mind about the quality compared to any beaded jewelry you've ever seen before.

We collect only the highest grade raw stone slabs which we cut and grind into beads. Of those beads, over 25% are disqualified because the coloring or patterns are below our standard.

In The Netherlands, our artisans then handpick the beads that show distinct characteristics and colors of that particular gemstone-family. Eliminating another 20% of the beads on average. 

Lastly, when stringing your jewelry according to your wrist specifications, our artisans pick stones that match each other in color and pattern. Combining this with beads crafted by our Silversmith, we'll create that unique piece of jewelry you can wear with ease. And knowing you have something special around your wrist.

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When measuring your wrist, stay as close to your hand as possible, like so 
(the circumference in the photo is 7.25 inches / 18.4 centimeters.)

Don't have a measuring tape?
Use a piece of string to measure your wrist and lay the string back out on a ruler to get your measurement in inches or centimeters.

When ordering

Please specify the exact number on the measuring tape and whether you prefer your bracelet a little looser or tighter.

Gift guide
When surprising someone with a gift, we completely understand that measuring their wrist isn't an option, as it would ruin the surprise. So perhaps the following general overview of sizes could be of assistance:

Wrist measurement
(in inches)
 Wrist measurement
(in centimeters)
5.5" 14 cm  XX-Small
6" 15.2 cm X- Small
6.5" 16.5 cm Small
7" 17.8 cm Medium
7.5" 19.1 cm Large
8" 20.3 cm X-Large
8.5" 21.6 cm XX-Large
9" 22.9 cm XXX-Large
We're offering 4 different necklace lengths at the moment.
- 20 Inches / 51 Centimeters
- 23 Inches / 58 Centimeters
- 26 Inches / 66 Centimeters
- 29 Inches / 74 Centimeters

The sizes are shown from top to bottom in the picture below (our model is 1.84m).
We're offering 3 different chain lengths at the moment.
Foxtail chain  Snake chain
- 22 Inch / 56 cm
- 26 Inch / 66 cm
- 30 Inch / 76 cm
- 21,5 Inch / 54,5 cm
- 25,5 Inch / 64,5 cm
- 29,5 Inch / 74,5 cm
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Art based on Ancient Stones and Warriors.

A luxurious storage box designed to tell the story of ancient gemstones and take you into the world of Aurum Brothers.

- Joel C.

"The gift wrapping option was perfect. The gift arrived wrapped for the occasion perfectly."

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