Used all across the world, Hematite was believed to grant warriors extra power and protection. From Native Americans to Roman Soldiers. But even whilst in peace, it's grounded red color symbolized happiness and beauty.

Native American Warriors
Hematite is red on the inside when ground to dust. Native American warriors used the red Hematite powder for their intimidating war paint.

Native Americans had a very complex warrior culture, and their war paint carried a lot of symbolism. Red warpaint stood for strength, energy, power, and success, while in peace, red face-paint symbolized happiness and beauty.

Roman Soldiers
Mixed into the soil, Hematite appears blood red due to oxidization. On the morning of a battle, the Roman General Plautius would order Roman soldiers to smear this ‘blood’ all over their bodies. This gave them the protection and invincibility of Mars.

As a show of military prowess, these rocks would be inset into signet rings, cameos or other decorative jewelry when they returned to Rome.