Rumi is recognized as one of the greatest spiritual masters. He studied theology and mysticism from a young age and entered public life as a jurist and Sufi teacher at the age of 34.

His life transformed after the befriending and subsequent disappearance of the mystic Shams of Tabriz. Rumi coped by writing poetry, most of his poems are written between the ages of 37 and 67.

Rumi’s words appear simple, but each one is full of depth. His poems are like a mystical invitation to enter the divine presence and drink from the well of forgiveness, love, and understanding.

One source of his inspiration was active meditation in the form of his now-famous whirling dance, a technique called Sema aimed to reach the source of all perfection.

Various styles of a whirling Rumi can be found in the silver of all the Rumi collection bracelets.