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From $79


A variety of subtle bracelets made from smaller components. The 4mm size makes them perfect for stacking with other bracelets or watches. Featuring special tubular-shaped stones.

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From $125

Abacus Special

Bracelets made with disc-shaped stones, combining the heavy dark Hematite discs with a variety of colorful stones. These contrasting designs can be a unique addition to your wrist game.

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From $160


Made with handblown Italian glass beads, each bead has a piece of silver or gold foil trapped inside. This technique is centuries old and results in an eye-catching effect.

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From $137


This collection is all about big square and rectangle beads. Featuring stone beads as well as shell and glass beads. Often only available in limited numbers.

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From $114


Classic and minimalistic designs featuring natural stone beads in 6, 8 and 12mm sizes. The collection that started it all for us 7 years ago.

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From $459


A luxurious bracelet collection with 925 Sterling Silver as the main component of the design. Go for a Fulll Silver design or a royal combination of Lapis Lazuli / Amethyst.

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Best deals


Bracelet combinations picked by our in-house designer for a discounted price.

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From $91


Necklaces made of natural stone beads including Sodalite, Red Tiger Eye, Obsidian and many more.

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