Sharing passion

What started as a 3-man hobby in 2015, has turned into a 30-man family business in 2019. Our gratefulness towards our customers has lead to a very customer-centric approach, where we go the extra mile for you.

Quality is always our biggest concern. Even though our business expanded, against all advice of going eastwards, we insisted on making everything by hand, here in the Netherlands. To stay competitive, we are not in any stores and only offer our products online, directly to you.


Nature's Best

We only use natural, paint- and acid-free grade A stones. We partner with renowned quarries and stone companies worldwide, to produce unique stone beads.

Once in the Netherlands, our experienced craftsmen use their extreme eye for detail, picking and matching only the best stones for your bracelet. Based on their color, markings and flawlessness.

Ensuring you are wearing the best of what nature has to offer.