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Dark Hematite Red Bracelet I (6mm) (8675121234255)
Amethyst Bracelet V (4mm) (6909922639926)Amethyst Bracelet V (4mm) (6909922639926)
NEW Mother of Pearl Bracelet I (4mm)Mother of Pearl Bracelet I (4mm)
Picasso Jasper - Aquamarine Bracelet IV (4mm) (8504175198543)Picasso Jasper - Aquamarine Bracelet IV (4mm) (8504175198543)
Hematite Bronze Bracelet XI (6mm) (8620483051855)Hematite Bronze Bracelet XI (6mm) (8620483051855)
Multicolor Picasso Jasper Bracelet IV (6mm) (8504188928335)Multicolor Picasso Jasper Bracelet IV (6mm) (8504188928335)
Dark Hematite Black Bracelet I (6mm) (8675117007183)Dark Hematite Black Bracelet I (6mm) (8675117007183)
Hematite Hexagon Bracelet VI (4mm) (6922049749046)Hematite Hexagon Bracelet VI (4mm) (6922049749046)
Dark Hematite Blue Bracelet III (6mm) (8675120382287)Dark Hematite Blue Bracelet III (6mm) (8675120382287)
Hematite Bronze Bracelet VII (6mm) (8620480004431)Hematite Bronze Bracelet VII (6mm) (8620480004431)
Hematite Hexagon Bracelet VII (4mm) (6922049781814)Hematite Hexagon Bracelet VII (4mm) (6922049781814)
NEW Black Onyx Bracelet V (4mm) (8817978999119)Black Onyx Bracelet V (4mm) (8817978999119)
Carnelian - Cube Bracelet I (4mm) (8722490556751)Carnelian - Cube Bracelet I (4mm) (8722490556751)
Hematite Bronze Bracelet II (6mm) (8619945132367)Hematite Bronze Bracelet II (6mm) (8619945132367)
Goldsheen Obsidian IV (6mm) (6922052960310)Goldsheen Obsidian IV (6mm) (6922052960310)
Black Tourmaline Bracelet XII (4mm) (6909925425206)Black Tourmaline Bracelet XII (4mm) (6909925425206)
Imperial Jasper Bracelet VII (6mm) (6922051846198)Imperial Jasper Bracelet VII (6mm) (6922051846198)
Imperial Jasper Bracelet IX (4mm) (6689711259702)Imperial Jasper Bracelet IX (4mm) (6689711259702)
Black Tourmaline Bracelet VIII (6mm) (6909924474934)Black Tourmaline Bracelet VIII (6mm) (6909924474934)
Hematite Bronze Bracelet V (6mm) (8620479447375)Hematite Bronze Bracelet V (6mm) (8620479447375)
Sold outPearl Bracelet XII (4-5mm) (8341595619663)Pearl Bracelet XII (4-5mm) (8341595619663)
Carnelian Bracelet XI (6mm) (4907262115894)Carnelian Bracelet XI (6mm) (4907262115894)
NEW Hematite - Ivory Bracelet XIX (4mm)Hematite - Ivory Bracelet XIX (4mm)
Paladin Ring Amethyst (8754806980943)Paladin Ring Amethyst (8754806980943)
Dark Hematite Blue Bracelet II (6mm) (8675120087375)Dark Hematite Blue Bracelet II (6mm) (8675120087375)
Hematite Bronze Bracelet VIII (6mm) (8620480332111)Hematite Bronze Bracelet VIII (6mm) (8620480332111)
Paladin Ring Turquoise (8758298804559)Paladin Ring Turquoise (8758298804559)
Dark Hematite Orange Bracelet I (6mm) (8675120808271)Dark Hematite Orange Bracelet I (6mm) (8675120808271)
Striped Onyx Bracelet IV (4mm) (8341596668239)Striped Onyx Bracelet IV (4mm) (8341596668239)
Mookaite Bracelet IV (5.5mm) (6922052206646)Mookaite Bracelet IV (5.5mm) (6922052206646)
NEW Black Tourmaline - Cube Bracelet IV (4mm) (8722499469647)Black Tourmaline - Cube Bracelet IV (4mm) (8722499469647)
Sold outSerpentine Bracelet IV (4mm) (8564182057295)Serpentine Bracelet IV (4mm) (8564182057295)
Dark Hematite Blue Bracelet I (6mm) (8675119661391)Dark Hematite Blue Bracelet I (6mm) (8675119661391)
Dark Hematite White Bracelet II (6mm) (8675115925839)Dark Hematite White Bracelet II (6mm) (8675115925839)
Orange Aventurine Bracelet IV (4mm) (8564171243855)Orange Aventurine Bracelet IV (4mm) (8564171243855)
Carnelian Bracelet IV (8mm) (6909923459126)
Hematite Murano Red Bracelet (8mm) (8756444332367)Hematite Murano Red Bracelet (8mm) (8756444332367)
Dark Hematite Copper Bracelet I (6mm) (8675121725775)Dark Hematite Copper Bracelet I (6mm) (8675121725775)
Bloodstone Bracelet IV (2mm) (8564153811279)Bloodstone Bracelet IV (2mm) (8564153811279)
NEW Hematite - Multicolor Bracelet XVIII (4mm) (8894203199823)Hematite - Multicolor Bracelet XVIII (4mm) (8894203199823)
Dark Hematite Green Bracelet II (6mm) (8675119235407)Dark Hematite Green Bracelet II (6mm) (8675119235407)
NEW Dragon Blood Jasper Bracelet VII (4mm)Dragon Blood Jasper Bracelet VII (4mm)
NEW Turquoise - Cube Bracelet III (4mm) (8722498257231)Turquoise - Cube Bracelet III (4mm) (8722498257231)
Colorful Hematite Bracelet (4mm) (8756408844623)Colorful Hematite Bracelet (4mm) (8756408844623)
Dark Hematite White Bracelet III (6mm) (8675116450127)Dark Hematite White Bracelet III (6mm) (8675116450127)
Orange Aventurine Bracelet V (6mm) (8564174815567)Orange Aventurine Bracelet V (6mm) (8564174815567)
NEW Hematite - Metallic Brown Bracelet XX (4mm)Hematite - Metallic Brown Bracelet XX (4mm)
NEW Black Onyx Bracelet VI (4mm) (8817985585487)Black Onyx Bracelet VI (4mm) (8817985585487)