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Mens Beaded Bracelets

Discover Aurum Brothers' exclusive Men's Beaded Bracelets. Handcrafted luxury meets style with our unique, elegant designs. Elevate your look with our diverse, high-quality collection.

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Dark Hematite Blue Bracelet III (6mm) (8675120382287)
Sold outAquamarine Bracelet IX (6mm) (1885031563323)
NEW Sold outBlack Onyx Bracelet V (4mm) (8817978999119)
Hematite - Ivory Bracelet XIX (4mm)
One-of-a-kind Turquoise - Emerald Bracelet IV (2-4mm) (8573814309199)
Black Tourmaline Bracelet XI (8mm) (6909925097526)
Hematite Bronze Bracelet VII (6mm) (8620480004431)
Black Tourmaline Bracelet XII (4mm) (6909925425206)
Imperial Jasper Bracelet IX (4mm) (6689711259702)
Turquoise Ocean Pack IV (8mm)
Turquoise Ocean Pack IV (8mm)
Sale price374 USD Regular price468 USD SHOP NOW
Limited Sold outMulticolor Tourmaline Bracelet VII (8mm) (6909923852342)
Eye of the Tiger Pack (2258503893046)
Eye of the Tiger Pack (8mm)
Sale price356 USD Regular price445 USD SHOP NOW
Dragon Blood Jasper - Carnelian Bracelet IV (10mm)
Hematite Hexagon Bracelet VII (4mm) (6922049781814)
One-of-a-kind Sold outEthiopian Black Opal Bracelet VII (5-7mm)
Hematite Bronze Bracelet II (6mm) (8619945132367)
Amethyst Bracelet XVII (6mm) (8504184701263)
Goldsheen Obsidian IV (6mm) (6922052960310)
Imperial Jasper Bracelet VII (6mm) (6922051846198)
Pearl Bracelet V (4-5mm)
Limited Sold outEthiopian Opal Bracelet VI (5-8mm) (6909921132598)
Hematite Bronze Bracelet V (6mm) (8620479447375)
Carnelian Bracelet XI (6mm) (4907262115894)
Limited Blue Opal Bracelet VIII (6mm) (6909922082870)
Limited Red Garnet Bracelet IV (6mm) (6915120300086)
Black Tourmaline Bracelet VIII (6mm) (6909924474934)
Sold outBlue Sapphire Bracelet VIII (4mm) (6909920673846)
Sold outSmoky Quartz - Murano Gold Blue Bracelet VI (8mm)
Dark Hematite Orange Bracelet I (6mm) (8675120808271)
Dark Hematite Blue Bracelet II (6mm) (8675120087375)
Limited Sold outDark Blue Sapphire Bracelet VII (4mm) (6876210855990)
Dragon Blood Jasper Bracelet VII (4mm)
NEW Sold outRumi Red Tiger Eye Bracelet (10mm) (8771532489039)
Black Tourmaline - Cube Bracelet IV (4mm) (8722499469647)
Dark Hematite Blue Bracelet I (6mm) (8675119661391)
Sold outPearl Bracelet XII (4-5mm) (8341595619663)
Limited Sold outSeraphinite Bracelet VIII (10mm) (6837625454646)
Amethyst Bracelet VI (8mm) (6909924245558)
Seraphinite Bracelet IV (4mm) (6909909008438)
Limited Ethiopian Opal Bracelet IX (4.5mm) (6876213870646)
Black Onyx Bracelet IV (13mm) (6608010674230)
Hematite Bronze Bracelet VIII (6mm) (8620480332111)
Striped Onyx Bracelet IV (4mm) (8341596668239)
Lapis Lazuli Bracelet VI (2mm) (8564130251087)
Silver Cube Lava Bracelet (6mm) (8756440498511)
Orange Aventurine Bracelet IV (4mm) (8564171243855)
NEW Dragon Blood Jasper Bracelet XI (8mm)
Hematite Murano Red Bracelet (8mm)