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Pearl - Silver Bracelet IV (7mm) (8504180932943)
Limited Sold outMulticolor Tourmaline Bracelet XIII (5mm)
Navy Pack (8mm)
Navy Pack (8mm)
Sale price391 USD Regular price434 USD SHOP NOW
Black Tourmaline - Black Tortoise Bracelet (6mm)
Howlite - White Tiger Bracelet (6mm)
Sodalite - Blue Dragon Bracelet (6mm)
Amethyst Gold Bracelet I (6mm)
Malachite Gold Bracelet I (6mm)
Green Tourmaline Bracelet V (2mm)
NEW Black Spinel Bracelet V (2mm)
NEW Black Spinel Bracelet IV (2mm)
NEW Blue Sapphire Bracelet X (2mm)
Blue Sapphire Bracelet IX (2mm)
Pearl - Silver Necklace V (7mm) (8504182178127)
Hematite - Serpentine Bracelet IV (4mm) (8504178934095)
Bracelet Resize (3555262465)
Bracelet Resize
Sale priceFrom 15 USD SHOP NOW
Arctic Pack (8796207513935)
Arctic Pack (4 & 8mm)
Sale price365 USD Regular price405 USD SHOP NOW
Aubergine Pack (6mm)
Aubergine Pack (6mm)
Sale price391 USD Regular price434 USD SHOP NOW
Natural Pack (4, 6 & 8mm)
Natural Pack (4, 6 & 8mm)
Sale price349 USD Regular price388 USD SHOP NOW
Blush Pack (8796224553295)
Blush Pack (6 & 8mm)
Sale price370 USD Regular price411 USD SHOP NOW
Black Pack (6, 8 & 12mm)
Black Pack (6, 8 & 12mm)
Sale price413 USD Regular price459 USD SHOP NOW
One-of-a-kind Sold outIndigo Kyanite Bracelet IV (3-4.5mm)
One-of-a-kind Sold outIndigo Kyanite -  Aquamarine - Black Opal - White Moonstone Bracelet IV (5-6mm)
Restocked One-of-a-kind Ethiopian Black Opal Bracelet VII (5-7mm)
NEW Black Onyx Bracelet V (4mm)
NEW Black Onyx Bracelet VI (4mm)
NEW Multicolor Tourmaline – Hematite Bracelet XIV (3.5-4mm)
Blue Sapphire  – Hematite bracelet XII (3.5-4mm)
Sold outDark Blue Sapphire Bracelet XI (4mm)
NEW Amethyst Bracelet XX (6mm)
Restocked Opal – Pearl Bracelet X (4mm) (8818042011983)
One-of-a-kind Sold outChrysocolla Bracelet VI (8mm)
One-of-a-kind Turquoise Bracelet V (5mm)
Red Garnet - Carnelian - Smoky Quartz Bracelet I (6mm)
Paladin Amethyst - Pearl Bracelet I (8mm)
Paladin Amethyst - Pearl Bracelet II (8mm)
Paladin Swiss Blue Topaz - Pearl Bracelet I (8mm)
Paladin Swiss Blue Topaz - Pearl Bracelet II (8mm)
Paladin Amethyst - Amethyst Bracelet I (6mm)
NEW Paladin Swiss Blue Topaz - Matte Bronzite Bracelet I (6mm)
One-of-a-kind Restocked Matte Lapis Lazuli - Blue Sapphire Bracelet I (3-4mm)
NEW Hematite - Light Green Bracelet XII (4mm)
NEW Hematite - Orange Bracelet XV (4mm)
NEW Hematite - Yellow Bracelet XVI (4mm)
NEW Hematite - Blue Bracelet XVII (4mm)
NEW Hematite - Multicolor Bracelet XVIII (4mm)
Mother of Pearl Bracelet I (4mm)
Restocked Black Onyx - Hematite Bracelet I (4mm)

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