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Baltic Amber Bracelet IV (4mm)

Sale price269 USD

Baltic Amber Bracelet IV (4mm)

Sale price269 USD
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When measuring your wrist, stay as close to your hand as possible, like so (the circumference in the photo is 7.25 inches / 18.4 centimeters). Do not add additional length to your measurement.

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Made in The Netherlands

Family-Crafted Quality Since 2015

Throughout time, polished amber has been revered for its luminous golden hue and captivating beauty. Artifacts made from this remarkable natural treasure have been discovered since the Stone Age, proving its long-standing legacy as an ornamental material. Composed of fossilized resin from an extinct species of pine tree that flourished approximately 45 million years ago, ...only 10% of all amber is of a quality suitable for jewelry and ornaments; the rest is primarily used in products such as varnish, amber oil, and distilled acids.

Its malleability makes it an ideal material for crafting eye-catching jewelry pieces, while its durability allows it to be worn by many generations without suffering wear and tear. As early as the Stone Age, many cultures would string together beads made of amber to create necklaces and amulets – showcasing the gem's natural beauty in an elegant yet simple fashion.
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- Gems: Baltic Amber & Hematite
- Stone size: 4mm
- Metal: 925 Sterling silver
- Cord: Steel wire (slightly looser fitting.)
- Packaging: Comes with a luxurious box

(Due to the unique characteristics of natural stone, the size and color of the beads can vary slightly.)

Baltic Amber Bracelet IV (4mm)
Baltic Amber Bracelet IV (4mm) Sale price269 USD
Size of your wrist in cm / inches


Aurum Brothers Family

Since 2015 we offer a range of different custom-made bracelets for men. From bold colors to elegant bracelets there is always a design that fits your unique style. We approach our bracelet designs through storytelling. We love to be inspired by historical, cultural, or mythical themes so that our customers not only wear our products but also feel like they're part of the story themselves!



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