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Carnelian Bracelet V (4mm)

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The beautiful warm colored Carnelian stones were widely used in the ancient merchant city of Babylon. Many Babylonians carried Carnelian as a stamped seal, as bracelets, or as other pieces of personal jewelry. These seals served as personal signatures and were used as tokens of protection....

But this magical stone wasn't only worn by ordinary people - it was also an important part of the regalia of the Kings of Babylon. Believing that Carnelian would grant them courage in battle, the Kings adorned their armor and jewelry with it and even incorporated carnelian into their buildings. For these rulers, this gemstone was said to help keep their tempers in check and guide them to rule with wisdom and justice.

Enjoy the beauty and majesty of Carnelian stones in your own life, as the Kings of Babylon once did.
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- Gems: Carnelian
- Stone size: 4mm
- Metal: 925 Sterling silver
- Cord: High-end durable silicone
- Packaging: Comes with a linen pouch

(Due to the unique characteristics of natural stone, the size and color of the beads can vary slightly.)

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Made in The Netherlands

Carnelian Bracelet V (4mm) (6851196911670)
Carnelian Bracelet V (4mm) Sale price109 USD

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