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Amethyst Bracelet IX (6mm)

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Amethyst has long been a symbol of power and royalty in Europe. The most expensive and difficult color to make in ancient times was purple, taking thousands of Murex Sea Snails to produce enough dye to color a cloth the size of a handkerchief. Amethyst's deep violet hue served as an emblem of power, status, and wealth throughout the ages.

The majestic gem forms inside rocks created by volcanic lava - when lava cools, it can leave behind hollow cavities where Amethyst deposits slowly form over time. This process is incredibly complex and requires a unique combination of heat, pressure, and chemistry for the crystallization process to take place.

This remarkable stone has remained a symbol of luxury for millennia and shows no signs of waning anytime soon.
- Stones: Grade A Amethyst
- Stone size: 6mm
- Metal: 925 Sterling silver
- Cord: High-end durable silicone
- Packaging: Comes with a linen pouch

(Due to the unique characteristics of natural stone, the size and color of the beads can vary slightly.)

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Made in The Netherlands

Amethyst Bracelet IX (6mm) (1919351849014)
Amethyst Bracelet IX (6mm) Sale price160 USD

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