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Better Together ❤

Find the perfect bracelet pairing! Explore our curated collection of individual bracelets designed to complement each other beautifully.

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Blue Sapphire Bracelet VIII (4mm) (6909920673846)Blue Sapphire Bracelet VIII (4mm) (6909920673846)
Limited Dark Blue Sapphire Bracelet VII (4mm) (6876210855990)Dark Blue Sapphire Bracelet VII (4mm) (6876210855990)
TOP RATED Landscape Jasper Bracelet VII (6mm) (6665807265846)Landscape Jasper Bracelet VII (6mm) (6665807265846)
Landscape Jasper Bracelet VIII (4mm) (6665808117814)Landscape Jasper Bracelet VIII (4mm) (6665808117814)
TOP RATED Black Mixed Bracelet I (12mm)Classic Black Mixed, 12mm, Silver bracelet (1916591407158)
TOP RATED Black Mixed Bracelet II (8mm)Classic Black Mixed, 8mm, Silver bracelet (1916593078326)
Hematite Bronze Bracelet IV (6mm) (8620479152463)Hematite Bronze Bracelet IV (6mm) (8620479152463)
Amethyst Bracelet V (4mm) (6909922639926)Amethyst Bracelet V (4mm) (6909922639926)
Amethyst Bracelet XV (5mm) (6915119775798)
Hematite Bronze Bracelet XII (6mm) (8620483969359)Hematite Bronze Bracelet XII (6mm) (8620483969359)
Baltic Amber Bracelet VII (6mm) (8504180179279)Baltic Amber Bracelet VII (6mm) (8504180179279)
Sold outSerpentine Bracelet IV (4mm) (8564182057295)Serpentine Bracelet IV (4mm) (8564182057295)
TOP RATED Sodalite Bracelet VII (12mm) (1916593307702)Sodalite Bracelet VII (12mm) (1916593307702)
Dark Hematite Blue Bracelet III (6mm) (8675120382287)Dark Hematite Blue Bracelet III (6mm) (8675120382287)
Dark Hematite Blue Bracelet II (6mm) (8675120087375)Dark Hematite Blue Bracelet II (6mm) (8675120087375)
Dark Hematite Blue Bracelet I (6mm) (8675119661391)Dark Hematite Blue Bracelet I (6mm) (8675119661391)
Limited Seraphinite Bracelet VIII (10mm) (6837625454646)
Seraphinite Bracelet IX (6mm) (8504189583695)Seraphinite Bracelet IX (6mm) (8504189583695)