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Valentine Collection

Buy any bracelet and receive the second at 50% off. Mix, match, and find the perfect set that echoes your shared journey or individual personalities. Limited Time Offer

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Limited Santa Maria Aquamarine Bracelet V (3-6mm) (6909926211638)
NEW Mother of Pearl Bracelet I (4mm)Mother of Pearl Bracelet I (4mm)
NEW Hematite - Ivory Bracelet XIX (4mm)Hematite - Ivory Bracelet XIX (4mm)
TOP RATED Dragon Blood Jasper Bracelet V (4mm) (6675503939638)Dragon Blood Jasper Bracelet V (4mm) (6675503939638)
TOP RATED Landscape Jasper Bracelet VII (6mm) (6665807265846)Landscape Jasper Bracelet VII (6mm) (6665807265846)
NEW Hematite - Matte Wine Red Bracelet XXIII (4mm)Hematite - Matte Wine Red Bracelet XXIII (4mm)
NEW Hematite - Shiny Wine Red Bracelet XXII (4mm)Hematite - Shiny Wine Red Bracelet XXII (4mm)
One-of-a-kind Matte Lapis Lazuli - Blue Sapphire Bracelet I (3-4mm) (8882780668239)
NEW Hematite - Purple Bracelet XXI (4mm)Hematite - Purple Bracelet XXI (4mm)
NEW Hematite - Metallic Brown Bracelet XX (4mm)Hematite - Metallic Brown Bracelet XX (4mm)
Limited Sold outAquamarine Bracelet VI (3-8mm) (6909926408246)
Baltic Amber Bracelet IV (4mm) (6909916610614)Baltic Amber Bracelet IV (4mm) (6909916610614)
Imperial Jasper Bracelet V (4mm) (6922051551286)Imperial Jasper Bracelet V (4mm) (6922051551286)
One-of-a-kind Sold outEthiopian Black Opal Bracelet IV (5-6mm) (8798867947855)
TOP RATED Camel-Turquoise Hematite Bracelet V (4mm) (6796854329398)Camel-Turquoise Hematite Bracelet V (4mm) (6796854329398)
Pietersite Bracelet IV (7.5mm) (6922051977270)
Amethyst Bracelet XV (5mm) (6915119775798)
Hematite Bronze Bracelet VI (6mm) (8620479709519)Hematite Bronze Bracelet VI (6mm) (8620479709519)
Tiger Eye Pair V (6mm) (6575095250998)Tiger Eye Pair V (6mm) (6575095250998)
Hematite Murano Red Bracelet (8mm) (8756444332367)Hematite Murano Red Bracelet (8mm) (8756444332367)